How to grow oranges?

Orange tree can reach 5 meters of height when growing in natural conditions. Having it at home you should still take into account height of 1,5meters. Orange tree grows fast and starts to bloom in the second year.


At the same time you can expect to see first fruit. These are not the oranges you can buy in at the grocery – they are much smaller and more sour.

Have you ever been in a room with blooming orange tree? No? Regret it. The scent of the flowers is admirable. I don’t know whether the eyes or nose appreciates blooming orange tree more.

Orange tree loves bright and sunny place. Garden is the very best place for the plant during summer, but will not survive winter outside in most places in the world as it needs 10-15 ºC. The tree grows really fast so remember to change the pot every single year. Remember then nature not only waters the soil but also the plant itself. Orange tree will appreciate sprinkling leaves from time to time but pay attention to do it during cloudy weather or after sunset. Direct sunlight may burn leaves when wet. Too lazy for sprinkling? Fair enough – getting the pot outside when it’s raining will do the job.

Orange tree needs a bit more attention than many other pot plants but still it gives you the feel of hot climate, like in Spain or Brazil.