What is the worth of eating oranges?

A lot of beta-carotene, vitamin C and water this makes oranges help our health. Water? Yes, indeed. Water helps to get toxins out of our body. Most people know that vitamin C helps to prevent harmful oxygen particles’ action.

It is enough to eat one orange a day to give your body the dose of vitamin C it needs.

Is that anything else in oranges, except for the taste, of course? Oh yes! It helps your skin, your heart and blood pressure thanks for the content of B vitamins.  Oranges also help your metabolism thanks to dietary fiber.

So which part of orange you can eat? Honestly – EVERYTHING! Ok, maybe seeds is something to get rid of.

Eat the pulp, drink its juice, use its peel. First thought is always to eat it raw or squeeze the juice –a kind of healthy snack/drink. But think twice – a piece of meat in orange flavor – yummy! Now a second thought – with herbs as dip for snacks or pieces of chicken – sure! As a part of desert, together with meat or in a salad – it does fit! Plenty of taste and wealth of vitamins – perfect cocktail! Bon appetite!

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