Orange cocktail – what to combine with?

What to add to oranges to get a delicious cocktail? There are as many answers as people you could ask for opinion. Squeezing only oranges is enough to get something delicious.

Should it help your diet more, dilute it with mineral water. Any other citrus is a very good companion for orange. Other fruit – sure, but pay attention to the combination. Fruit is mostly reach in sugar. If the cocktail should be a dessert for you than other fruit is a good choice. Should drinking cocktails help you to lose weight then stick to vegetables and herbs. Carrot, beetroot, celery, spinach or curly kale – choose any – it’s going to be delicious when combined with sweet oranges.

You could also try adding oatmeal or linseed – you probably heard they are great for your body but not everybody like that taste. Putting those to a cocktail is one of the best way to do something good for your body not forcing yourself to eat one more spoonful. Orange flavor will make it not only healthy but also delicious.

From now one you don’t need to make choices – healthy or tasty – just try orange cocktails with any other components. There are endless gorgeous combinations!

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