Essential orange oil properties.

Did you know which part of orange tree is the one orange oil is extracted from? Definitely orange peel. There are different orange species that differs in terms of the intensity of the scent.

Orange, as any other citrus, brightens the skin and makes it more tense which is important in acne healing. Orange oil is quickly absorbed leaving the skin radiant and smooth. It also helps to fight with cellulite, detoxifies your organism and support your digestive system. Orange oil helps to relax and to release muscles so a massage with the oil is a dream of your arms or back after an effort.

A good company for orange scent is any other citrus, but should you wish to get truly intriguing fragrance, try to add some cinnamon, cloves, ginger or black pepper. Orange scent is energizing and stimulating.

Orange scent is very pleasant for us but it repels mosquitos and flies so either try to place grated orange peel around the grill place or rub the skin with it. There are probably many more properties of orange oil- it is worth searching for them.

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