Orange – the color of our interiors.

It is not easy to arrange the interior using orange nicely but it definitely is possible. You just need to pay more attention to details as orange will not forgive a mistake.

When choosing to paint the wall with orange have in mind that it might be overwhelming if the tone is too intensive or the ratio of orange to other colors to high. A color of the walls will surround you every day. It might seem energetic at first but try not to make it too energetic otherwise you may get tired with the color shortly.

How to choose the right tone? That really is tricky. A small stripe of color that you can see in the sample-card looks dramatically different than when you chose to cover the whole wall with it. In the interior it is becoming extremely intensive even if a sample seemed a bit too pale.

Which interiors should it fit? It is a warm color which likes plenty of sunlight. Orange likes large surfaces as it makes the impression that the room is smaller and the walls seem to get closer together.

It might be a surprise for many but cinnamon like wall will combine nicely with pinkish pale rose, pink grapefruit or smashed berry. A brick orange will look nicely next to cold blue or steel grey. An intensive tone will find a fit in turquoise but this combination will only do in space where you don’t spend too much time. If you would like to invite orange to your living room, choose the calm, pale orange and surround it with pale green.

Healing power of orange.

Only few of us realizes that colors surrounding us influences strongly our health, emotions and behavior. Chromotherapy is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine.

There are many clinics around the world where power of colors is used to enhance treatment of digestive and respiratory systems diseases, neuralgia, migraine, spine and kidney disorders, neurosis and psychiatric depression.

The colors we choose to surround us reflects our personality, emotions and mental conditions. We rarely realize that our choice of colors may give us indication of our health.

So how orange influences us?

It stimulates the heart and lungs. It is beneficial during kidney disorders like kidney stones. It also helps the body to keep calcium at the optimum level. Orange helps also our hair, nails, bones and teeth to grow healthy. It is the most energetic of the colors. It helps to feel stronger, healthier. Brings joy, vitality and optimism back. It activates the mind and creativity. It also gives confidence, optimism and courage.