Orange on Saturday evening

It is summer, day is long. How do you spend your Saturday evenings? On a party? What do you drink then? Drinks with…oranges.

What to combine orange with? The easiest answer would be – vodka! To be more original add vodka and a little cranberry juice. To get refreshing drink mix orange juice with Cointeau and gin. Mixing orange juice with blue curacao liquor will give you a nice orange taste and beautiful green color.

Another nice mix is the juice, gin and Malibu. You can also try a combination of gold tequila, orange juice, cranberry juice and a little lemon juice. Want to get something surprising? Let’s try to combine the juice with Malibu, vodka and Bailey’s liquor. Another idea is to mix vodka with tequila and orange juice. To get a nice visual effect add a little grenadine syrup.

Hope to have given you some inspiration. You can try with different proportions to find the one that suits you most. Adding fresh fruit would also be interesting.

Orange – anything you were not aware of?

A popular fruit and so many myths or facts we didn’t realize. Let’s get to know something more about this delicious fruit.

–          Orange was an ancient symbol of innocence and fertility. In some regions considered equal to Golden Apple.

–          Ripe fruit can stay on the tree as long as 3 months tasting all the time delicious. They don’t fell of the tree.

–          12% of the pulp is sugar

–          Oranges contain more vitamin C during winter than summer

–          Freshly squeezed orange juice should be drunk immediately – it is enough to store the juice for 6-8 months in the fridge to decrease the content of vitamins and valuable enzymes

–          About 50mln tones of oranges is harvested yearly nowadays

–          The three biggest orange producers In the word are Brasil, China and European Union – Brasil produces almost 40% of all oranges

–          Every year in Italy they organize an orange battle –hundreds of people get hurt but that don’t  discourage tourists who visit Italy especially to take part in the battle.