Orange – anything you were not aware of?

A popular fruit and so many myths or facts we didn’t realize. Let’s get to know something more about this delicious fruit.

–          Orange was an ancient symbol of innocence and fertility. In some regions considered equal to Golden Apple.

–          Ripe fruit can stay on the tree as long as 3 months tasting all the time delicious. They don’t fell of the tree.

–          12% of the pulp is sugar

–          Oranges contain more vitamin C during winter than summer

–          Freshly squeezed orange juice should be drunk immediately – it is enough to store the juice for 6-8 months in the fridge to decrease the content of vitamins and valuable enzymes

–          About 50mln tones of oranges is harvested yearly nowadays

–          The three biggest orange producers In the word are Brasil, China and European Union – Brasil produces almost 40% of all oranges

–          Every year in Italy they organize an orange battle –hundreds of people get hurt but that don’t  discourage tourists who visit Italy especially to take part in the battle.

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