Orange in your garden

Orange is very energizing color. It may be a perfect choice for your garden, but might be the worst one as well. When planning the landscape take into account the function of that place.

Do you plan to lay on the sunbed and relax or maybe rest reading book on the bench? Avoid orange color also when choosing the plants. On the other hand, if the shrubs should surround a basketball field there is no better choice than orange. Should you have enough space you can grow plants that will bloom from early spring till autumn. What is more there are beautiful plants with orange fruit that will stay in your garden also in winter.

Which to choose? Take into account the climate, the soil, the sun or shade, the moist and then feel free to choose whatever your eyes love. Just take a look at japanese gringuard during autumn or japanese maple katsura. They are really breathtaking and it is thanks to leaves. Just wait to see azalea gibraltar or  broom splendens. You can have orange in your garden also in winter just grow there dogwood tridva Anny’s Winter Orange to see the intensive color of its branches. There are plenty of bulb plants that you can find in orange- tulips, lilies, irises, canna or dahlias. Want to have plenty of energy for some sports in your own garden? Orange is the colour for you.

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