What to do with orange peel.

There are so many applications of orange peel that you simply cannot afford to throw it away!

  1. Mosquitos don’t like the smell of orange peel – what an easy way of getting rid of those!
  2. A juice made of orange peel  is great if you want to lose a little weight.
  3. Make a syrup out of orange peel and apply to cough and cold.
  4. If you have stainless steel sink you will be amazed by the effect of rubbing the sides of the sink with it. It perfectly removes stains and gives wonderful smell.
  5. Put fresh peel to your shoes to have any unpleasant smell removed. Keep the peel inside for the whole night.
  6. Orange peel also help to remove stains out of the fabrics.
  7. Relax yourself in an orange bath – just add the peel to the water.
  8. Put a part of the peel to the container with sugar and you will have no longer issue with sugar agglomeration.
  9. Cover the peel with salt and put to your fridge, it will help to keep a nice smell inside.