Celery and orange salad

1 medium-sized celery root,
2 oranges,
1 handful of walnuts,
1 small natural yogurt,
1 tablespoon of sugar,

The medium-sized celery root should be cooked in water (the celery should be slightly hard.) Please inspect the celery softness with a fork while cooking it.
After cooking and cooling the celery, it should be peeled and grated.
While cooking celery we prepare walnuts – roast them in a pan for a moment and then cut them into medium-sized pieces. Peel one and a half oranges and divide them into parts. Cut each part into two or three pieces. Add chopped nuts and oranges to the grated celery. Add natural yogurt and a bit of sugar. Mix the salad and decorate with orange parts.
The salad is cheap and very tasty. Suitable as part of a dinner or as an independent healthy snack.