Oranges in a salad

Oranges in a salad are thought of primarily in terms of fruit salads. That might be surprising but they also work well in dry salads as an addition affecting the balance of flavors, adding both acidity and sweetness. We can use juice from freshly squeezed orange to an oil-based sauce with black pepper and herbs. Just pour the mixture of lettuces with this sauce and you will get a great addition to the second course. In contrast, the orange particles can be used for salads, which will serve as a separate, light meal, like a second breakfast.

one orange
packet of rucola
goat, feta or blue cheese – about 200 g
walnuts or pistachios
smoked salmon – about 150 g
salt and pepper to taste

The orange should be peeled and divided into parts. Rinse rucola thorougly and let it dry. Chop the nuts into fine parts. All of the types of cheese are great for this composition of flavors. Chop selected cheese into about 1cm qubes. Cut salmon according to your taste or use ready-made salmon salad parts. Mix the ingredients and then pour them with oil mixed with spices.

Enjoy your meal!