Cranberries with oranges

This version of cranberries tastes great, best when served with meat and cheese.


250g fresh cranberries

1 big orange

½ glass sugar



Wash the cranberry thoroughly, dry and separate any ugly ones.

Sprinkle the orange with boiling water. Grind its peel and squeeze juice. Add water to the juice to get about ½ glass of liquid. Boil the liquid in a small saucepan. Add sugar and mix until dissolves. Add cranberries, orange peel and heat slowly until the cranberries skin breaks and the excess liquid evaporates. Try it and if needed add a little salt. Can be served both hot and cold. You can easily store it for longer if you put it into small jars directly after boiling, recap the jar and put it upside down until cools down. Then there is no need to keep it in the fridge. You can store the jars at room temperature.

Hot chocolate with orange

Chocolate and orange is a great duet. It tastes great in deserts but also as drinking chocolate. What a flavor! You can try to get it in more dietary version by adding ½ glass of water instead of ½ glass of milk but I think it tastes better with milk only.


25g dark chocolate

3 spoons of dark cocoa

1 glass of milk

2 slices of orange


Put chocolate into small saucepan, add cocoa, oranges and hot milk. Mix until chocolate melts and cocoa dissolves. Try to smash the oranges while heating. When ready take off the fire and leave for few hours for the orange to release the juice. Before serving heat the chocolate and take out the residues of the orange when the chocolate is hot. Pour to the mug. Bon appetite!