Orange combinations in the garden.

Like energizing power of orange and want to introduce it in the garden? Very good choice! The next question is what to combine it with for the best effect.

The most important rule, relating to all colors not only orange, is to remember that fewer is better. Don’t make a rainbow out of your flowerbed unless you are really aware of the effect and this is what you want to achieve.

If not, consider the combinations of color before you buy the next plant. Like all other colors, orange looks great combined with white. Another extraordinary combination is orange and plants with grey leaves. Want to add the third color? Why not! Purple with any of the combinations: orange-white or orange-grey will match nicely. And the duo of purple of orange? Very well but be careful, this will not be a good choice for a small garden where you want to feel good both exercising and relaxing.

You can also try a combination of yellow, orange and red – those look especially good when surrounding a pond. Yellow and blue look nice but calm, want to add some fire – yes! Orange should be your choice. Just still remember – fewer is better.

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